The Raveonettes on their unique sound, their new record and their Mainland tour

With a sound that mixes the angelic two-part harmonies of the Everly Brothers with the dark veneer of the Velvet Underground, Danish duo The Raveonettes have forged their own distinct path. We chat with guitarist and songwriter Sune Rose Wagner about their new record, their unique career and their Nov 24 show at T-Union. Read more >>

Alcohol Aficionados: Dartigalongue Bas Armagnac

Armagnac. Just saying the word, with all those silent letters, is enough to trigger a sexy, smooth impression about this French brandy, which for many a sophisticated palate rivals cognac, its slicker, commercially exploited (and widely exported) cousin. Read more >>

Mongolian folk-fusion favorites Ajinai to rock 191 Space on November 23

Mongolian folk-fusion rockers Ajinai return with their latest record, 'Synthesis.' Group leader Hugejliteu chats about the group's evolution, their world tours and of course, the new disc. Read more >>

China and the UK work together on the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road

China Communications Construction Company Ltd. teams up with the Atkins Group to build the Window of Guangzhou. Read more >>

TCM: Tummy and toilet trouble

As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I really can’t understand the state of someone’s health until I know about their toilet habits. I should just greet people at the door to my clinic with ‘How’s your poo?’ instead of ‘How are you?’ Well… maybe not on their first visit. Read more >>

Education: Choosing the right school leaving qualification

It’s November, that time of the year when high school students have to slap on their thinking caps and decide where they’re going to spread their wings in terms of further education. After all, exam season is just half a year away. The horror! Read more >>

Spa: eforea

It’s not often that Guangzhou gets things before Beijing and Shanghai, but when eforea opened in 2012, it was the first example of the Hilton Hotels and Resorts’ global spa service to hit China. Flocking to the Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, spa-goers eagerly turned up to sample organic, healing and revitalizing treatments. Read more >>

Hobbyhorse: Gong gu, the fading folk art of storytelling

With folded fan poised in his hand and gravel crunching beneath his feet, a gong gu lou (讲古佬, male storyteller) is a portal into a world of bold heroes and magical spirits. Read more >>

Home cooking: Panna cotta with kiwifruit

There’s nothing on earth quite like the much-coveted kiwifruit (or kiwi, as it’s often incorrectly shortened to). Brown and fuzzy on the outside, green and zesty on the inside, with a circle of tiny black seeds, it is a festival of flavor for adventurous fruit lovers. Read more >>

Taste Europe at ICWFF in Shenzhen

Shenzhen's first International Culture, Wine & Food Festival (ICWFF) will be held November 13- 17. ICWFF will display large amounts of wine and high brow food in a tasteful, spacious and stunning exhibition. For five days, visitors are expected to enjoy the opportunity to taste, touch, feel, sense, and smell Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK). Five days for a unique and extraordinary experience that even a marathon journey across Europe could not offer. Read more >>

Wooozy Weekender: Indie bands and electro DJs beat a path to the south

A weekend of hip-hop, live bands and music workshops kick off on November 28. Read more >>

New restaurant: Mr. Pilot

About two months ago, Mr. Pilot moved into a Xingguo Lu location that has been something of a revolving door in recent years. By our count, it’s the fifth bar or restaurant to be housed here in a span of two years. Someone’s got to have some serious capital if they’ve chosen to sink close to three million RMB in a place with such bad juju. Naturally, Mr. Pilot’s four owners are hoping that they will have a smooth take-off. Read more >>

Six of the best: Pumpkin pies

Where to get your Thanksgiving dessert this holiday season. Read more >>

New club: VS Club

Cars. Girls. Alcohol. That’s the essence of VS Club, a slick new head-turner popping champagne in Haizhu District. Named after the Chinese Internet lingo ‘VS,’ meaning ‘face-off,’ this nightlife spot is all about strutting its stuff while challenging others to keep up. Read more >>

New restaurant: Pure Sue

Cheesecake. Good for us? Absolutely. We’re talking about raw vegan cheesecake minus the cheese – and not in an eat-for-breakfast-everyday kind of way, but to replace your animal fat-heavy, sugar-laden, digestion-halting regular cheesecake. Radical. Read more >>

Bells of the ball: Ringing in the holiday season with the Arsis ensemble

Campanology is a curious art. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with pitching a tent; it’s actually to do with the playing of bells. While they may seem like simple objects, these metal instruments can actually cover a huge range of sound, from deep, rumbling booms to fairy-like tinkles and everything in between. Read more >>

Guangdong Dance Festival: Which shows should you see?

This year sees the 11th edition of the GDF. From November 8 to 15, this annual modern dance gala will showcase 36 works from Canada, Israel, Holland, America, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Zhuhai and Guangzhou. Read more >>

New restaurant: Milk Garden

With a name like Milk Garden, you leave some room to impress. Let us say up front that this newbie is definitely worth a visit – just hear us out before you try to Google Earth the place, which is literally still off the map. Read more >>

The 9th That’s PRD Food & Drink Awards 2014

That’s PRD will celebrate the best of our city’s food, drink and nightlife on November in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Book tickets now! Read more >>

Tackling touch: Guangzhou's emerging rugby community

Touch rugby is taking over the expat athletic scene in Guangzhou. See what all the hype is about and come to Tianhe Sports Centre to join in Wednesday night scrimmages. Read more >>


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