Throwback Thursday: Happy New Year at the beach

This week, with the holidays rapidly approaching and the weather getting colder, we decided to look back on New Year 2007 at Yalong Bay, in Hainan Province. If you are feeling the urge to get away from the Pearl River Delta for the holidays, this story should help fuel the travel desire. Read more >>

Goelia 225: Walking through the looking-glass

Every girl must, at least once or twice, have dreamed of being Alice – stepping into a world of unknowns and having a wonderful adventure there. Standing on the rear part of busy Beijing Lu, Goelia 225’s dazzling and diverse decor brings a little bit of magic to reality. Read more >>

Milk & Water: A vampire revisionist tale

Svitlana Zavialova never studied deconstructionism, but her short indie vampire dystopian film Milk & Water, currently being shot in Shenzhen, uses this ideology. It’s a revisionist version of a vampire love triangle. Immortality changes from a power to a curse. Read more >>

TCM: Don't be a pain in the...

My plan was to talk about menstruation this month, but after overwhelming some readers with poo talk last month, I’ve decided to discuss the equally interesting yet more palatable topic of pain. Read more >>

Cool shop: @Bike

Fixed-gear cyclists take note: this store has bikes, wheels, tires, frames and saddles to suit your needs. Read more >>

Education: Being multilingual is good for the brain

Everyone agrees – birth up to the end of primary school is the best time in which to learn a second, or even a third, language. Read more >>

5 Things: A guide to the best of China's domestic beer

Ashton Lin, co-owner of Restarea Beer Hub, gives that's PRD readers his top picks when it comes to China's domestic beer. Read more >>

New bar: La Villa Rouge

Dashing Europeans sipping classy drinks and posing flawlessly for photos dance the day and night away on a sprawling outdoor patio. Read more >>

New restaurant: Delhi Heights

There are some things in life that everyone must experience. One of them is watching a skilled Indian tandoor cook work his magic. Read more >>

Fitness: Challenge accepted!

We all eat healthily and exercise enough, don’t we? Sure, you may have the odd glass of wine to combat a stressful day, skip that early morning run because you need those extra minutes of sleep. But over time, these little lapses can add up, and before you know it, you’ve lost your muscle tone or added a few extra pounds. Read more >>

Spa: Science smooths wrinkles

Ingrid Millet has introduced the Integrated Remodeling System (IRS) to ease the headache of getting old – and, more importantly, appearing old. Read more >>

Fine food and wine at the Sofitel Star Chefs Asian Tour

A brief look at the 2014 Sofitel Star Chefs Asian Tour. Read more >>

Photos: Christmas trees and teddy bear teas

The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou celebrates the seasons with a Christmas tree lighting and Teddy Bear Afternoon Tea. Read more >>

Photos: French students in South China reception

Franco-fun at Canton Place, organized by the Consulate General of France in Guangzhou. Read more >>

Six of the best: Artisanal chocolates

A year-round indulgence or delicious Christmas gift.

Silk Road Hitchhikers: Volleyball at the end of the world

We almost did not get to our final camping spot in our trip to hitchhike the Silk Road. We had been told that you could not buy bus tickets to Karakul until the day of your journey. So, at 10am Beijing time, I rolled into the bus station to buy two tickets for Galen and myself to the ‘black lake,’ situated on the edge of China. Read more >>

Expo Milano 2015 China Roadshow Station grand opening

Looking ahead to next year's expo.

Photos: Oakwood Premier Guangzhou Christmas party and lighting ceremony

Oakwood Premier Guangzhou held a Christmas party and lighting ceremony on December 5 to mark the beginning of the festive season. Read more >>

Home cooking: Salt-grilled salmon with bamboo charcoal

With winter here, so is the cold and flu season. This year, opt to use immune-boosting foods, cooked in the comfort of your home, to break the sickness cycle. Read more >>

New bar: In.Side

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