Off the vine: Six Grapes Reserve Port

Many people brush off port as something only consumed by stuck-up toffs and crusty old women. What most don’t realize, however, is that it is actually a very approachable fortified wine. Read more >>

Ask the doc: Getting braces

Dr. Lu answers a few basics about orthodontics. Read more >>

Royal Winnipeg Ballet stages period-perfect Romeo and Juliet

Taking the ballet back to its 16th-century roots, the RWB is bringing their production of Romeo and Juliet to Guangzhou this month, flashing authentic costumes and lush set design. Read more >>

Opera’s first lady Angela Gheorghiu speaks her mind

"What an inappropriate expression,” says Angela Gheorghiu, scathingly brushing off her nickname as the ‘last of the divas.’ A soprano with a striking voice and even more striking presence, the glamorous beauty has been hailed as one of today’s brightest opera stars – and one of the most tempestuous. Read more >>

Travel: Hiking the snowy climes of Mount Emei

Known for its tongue-numbing gastronomy and playful pandas, Sichuan province is a popular stop on the tourist track. With mountains framing each side of the massive Sichuan basin, possibilities abound for getting out of the city and into some alpine air. Read more >>

2014 Oktoberfest at China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel

For the 10th consecutive year, Oktoberfest is coming to China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel for 10 days, bringing you the best Germany has to offer. Read more >>

Education: Taking play seriously

Letting kids off the educational leash.

Home cooking: Fried rice with egg white, dried scallop and crabmeat

Fried rice is a bellwether for the quality of a restaurant: if the kitchen gets their fried rice right, they probably have pretty solid skills. Read more >>

Vote for your favorite bars and restaurants!

It's that time of year when That's PRD celebrates the best restaurants and bars that Guangzhou has to offer! Read more >>

Spa: O spa

Lymphatic drainage. It’s one of those curious phrases that pops up at TCM clinics and spas and seems to hint at something vaguely unpleasant – perhaps even painful. In fact, however, one need not fear at all, for it is a natural process by which the lymphatic system removes toxins and waste from the body. Read more >>

New restaurant: Munich 1820

Go nuts on knuckles and sausages.

Dance-punk favorites Da Bang play SD Livehouse on Oct 17

The Beijing dance-punk favorites have entered their new wave phase with a trio of new singles they will spotlight at SD Livehouse on October 17, as part of their national tour. Read more >>

New restaurant: Pelicana

Korean. Fried. Chicken. We’ll give you a minute till you stop salivating. Read more >>

New restaurant: The Beast Kitchen

We’ve been talking about the impending arrival of The Beast Kitchen for ages. The red canvas shroud heralding its imminent arrival and a conspicuous seven-month delay amidst never-ending construction has had us itching with anticipation. Finally, the moment has arrived for its unveiling. Read more >>

From cultural wasteland to provincial theaterland

Since being denigrated as a cultural wasteland by some of Chinese theater's biggest names, Guangzhou has substantially improved its stage presence. Read more >>

Canton Fair Package at Wanda Realm Guangzhou Zengcheng

Book in advance and enjoy more for less. Read more >>

Special promotion: Halloween cupcakes and pina coladas

October special offers from DoubleTree by Hilton Guangzhou. Read more >>

Silk Road Hitchhikers: Camping at the Mogao Caves

If you live in China long enough, you are bound to hear about Dunhuang. Found where Gansu province borders Xinjiang, the Silk Road oasis hides one of the Middle Kingdom's most spectacular treasures. Read more >>

WATCH: CSL Shanghai Game Highlights October 4-5

Shenhua played host to Harbin, Shandong were the visitors to Dongya, while Shenxin traveled to Beijing Read more >>

New restaurant: Blossoms 1928

Sometimes we’re in the mood for casual eating at a simply decorated food stall. Other occasions call for an exquisitely furnished restaurant with delicately crafted tableware. Now, both experiences can be enjoyed under one roof: Blossoms 1928. Read more >>


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