Tickets for The Phantom of the Opera on sale now!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 musical, The Phantom of the Opera, is coming to the Guangzhou Opera House from September 22 through October 10, 2015. Read more >>

The train ride from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to be reduced to 45-minutes

In 2017, the two-hour non-stop train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong will be a thing of the past, a distant memory, like dial-up Internet and VHS tapes. Read more >>

Throwback Thursday: Operation Big Switch

This week's Throwback Thursday is a throwback on two levels. First, it was published online, for That's Beijing, in August of 2013. Second, this article's subject matter takes us all the way back to 1953. Read more >>

Direct flights from Guangzhou to Tibet now available

You can now fly directly to Linzhi,Tibet, from Guangzhou. Read more >>

Decay, gingivitis and diabetes: Reasons not to skip regular dentist visits

Both decay and gum disease begin insidiously and early detection prevents the need for costly intervention. Read more >>

Hong Kong's Take Out Comedy coming to Guangzhou

On March 29 Qba, at the Westin Guangzhou, will be hosting Hong Kong's premier English-language comedy show - Take Out Comedy. Read more >>

Wanda Vista Dongguan honored as 2014’s Best Newly-opened Hotel

Travel and Leisure Magazine recently honored Wanda Vista Dongguan as 2014’s Best Newly-opened Hotel. Read more >>

Social&Co offering a creative way to win Katy Perry tickets

Katy Perry is the talk of the town and tickets to her April 18 concert have become quiet the commodity. The team at Social&Co have come up with a creative way to giveaway two tickets to the show and it's probably not what you'd expect. Read more >>

Struggling to serve: The challenges faced by social workers in China

The concept of professional social work has a relatively short history in China. In fact, it was only in the 1920s that it was introduced to the country, when American missionaries established programs with several Chinese universities. Read more >>

Spa: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou

It’s got a name that’s completely no-nonsense, but the Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou’s in-house spa is one of the most luxuriously decorated in the city. Read more >>

What's up Guangzhou: March 18-24

A look at what's up this week in Guangzhou. Read more >>

Fitness: Challenge yourself!

No more waiting, no more excuses; you have made it through the winter months, you’re back from vacation, and all the eating holidays are behind you. It’s time to get serious about creating a healthier you. Read more >>

The intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong Province

From the finest puppet designer in the nation to the youngest professional lion dancer, Guangdong is home to artists working in over 70 different arts, crafts and culinary traditions that comprise its rich intangible cultural heritage. Hear their stories in the accounts that follow and peer into the artistic golden age of southern China before it vanishes forever. Read more >>

5 Things: Hairdressing in China

For this week’s 5 Things we decided to examine the ins and outs of hairdressing in China. To help shed some light on the profession we turned to Adam Tullett, the senior creative director at Toni&Guy Flagship Salon Gaodehui. Read more >>

New cafe: Mr. Bean

Don’t be misled by the name – this review isn’t dedicated to the eccentric British character portrayed by Rowan Atkinson. Rather, it refers to the fact that Mr. Bean sells bean products; everything from soy milk to legume snacks. Read more >>

Bohemian rhapsody: Cultures collide in exotic, historic Lamu

Arrival at Manda Airport, the starting point for Kenya’s Lamu Island, is a fun and furry one. A cluster of pastel tin shelters bake silently in the sun. Cheery hand-painted signs indicate these are the open-air waiting rooms and refreshment stand. The passengers from the 12-seat plane we arrived on begin to look around and chuckle – there appear to be no people manning the booths, just sleepy cats. Read more >>

New restaurant: Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong

Anyone who isn’t a red-meat lover has obviously never dined at Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong. Here, it’s either go big on pork and beef or go home so hungry and sober that you’ll ignorantly wonder why carnivorous folks are lining up in droves to try Xingsheng Lu’s newest Korean joint. Read more >>

Trendy, Trendy, the Most Trendy

Modern Mandopop tracks you should know.

The Good France initiative in Guangzhou

On Thursday, March 19, a number of Guangzhou restaurants will be participating in the Good France initiative. Read more >>

China's darling: A varied history with alcohol

Alcohol in China has been around longer than some modern-day countries have been nations. With such an extensive history, the reasons why Chinese choose to booze have varied greatly, as has the way alcohol became directly tied to its culture, art and economy. Read more >>


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