Aviation disaster averted at Guangzhou's Baiyun Airport

An aviation disaster was averted at Guangzhou’s Baiyun Airport on March 2, according to Chinese aviation websites. Read more >>

Art Breaker! Owl City greets fans before Mainland tour and first Guangzhou concert

A couple months away from what will surely be their sold out tour across the Mainland, Owl City's Adam Young greets his Mainland fans with a video message saying 'Happy new year.' Read more >>

That's PRD March issue out now!

The March issue of That's PRD is out now – paper-and-ink-form citywide, digital pdf-form right here. Read more >>

Throwback Thursday: Mike Tyson can kill anyone

This week's Throwback Thursday recaps Mike Tyson's 2013 Weibo interview. It proves both insightful and confusing at times and it's definitely worth a read. Read more >>

New bar: The Hops

The Hops, which opened in November of last year, is the newest establishment in the city devoted to the culture of craft beer. Tucked away on a Taojin backstreet, the bar boasts an impressive selection, with over 90 different imported bottles and two varieties on tap. Read more >>

Six of the best: Exotic Chinese fruits

Take a bite out of these delicious oddities. Read more >>

A sweet art - sugar painting

Guangzhou is famous nationwide for its delicious food, but are you familiar with sugar painting? Read more >>

24 Hours in Town: Phnom Penh

The Angkor temple complex near Siem Reap, Cambodia, is an increasingly popular tourist destination. The attention is well warranted, as it is one of the most breathtaking ancient sites in the world. To get there, however, most will visitors will pass through Cambodia’s much seedier capital, Phnom Penh. This is a look at the best ways to spend 24 hours in Phnom Penh. Read more >>

A Day of French Gastronomy

The Consulate General of France in Guangzhou will organize A Day of French Gastronomy on March 28 in the Hi Department Store, on the fourth Floor of Grandview Mall. Read more >>

What's up Guangzhou: February 25 - March 3

A look at what's up this week in Guangzhou. Read more >>

5 Things: Driving in China

For this week’s 5 Things we're looking at the fascinating world of expat drivers in China. Read more >>

Bears and loathing at the Guangzhou Zoo

The Guangzhou Zoo is sad and depraved.

Off the vine: Ruffino Chianti DOCG

Enjoy the violet and cherry aromas with some veal ravioli or medium-strength cheese, or go down the Hannibal Lecter route and have it with liver and fava beans. Read more >>

Throwback Thursday: The myth of Luo Meizhen

For this week's Throwback Thursday we are turning the clock back to July 2013. The following article, written by Ned Kelly, examines claims that Luo Meizhen of Bama County, Guangxi Province, is the oldest person to have ever lived (as far as anyone knows anyway). Read more >>

What's up Guangzhou: February 18-24

A look at what's up this week in Guangzhou. Read more >>

Photos: Winter Bash at Hooley's Foshan

Enjoy this photographic look at the Winter Bash at Hooley's Foshan. Read more >>

Yao Momo tells the stories behind lines and shadows

Eileen Chang once said, “Get famous as early as possible.” Yao has put this remark into practice. Her name came to public attention when she published her first picture album in 2000 – the year she turned 13. Read more >>

Wolf Totem: Award-winning director takes on best-selling book

Billed as the second most-read book in China behind a certain little red specimen, Wolf Totem is getting the 3D-film treatment. Jiang Rong’s bestseller has been adapted by an eye-catching production crew headlined by Academy Award-winning director Jean-Jacques Annaud. Opening on February 19, it will battle Dragon Blade for the Spring Festival’s box office supremacy. Read more >>

Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou becomes Guangzhou’s first Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Hotel

Big news from the world of luxury hotels: Forbes Travel Guide recently honored the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou with the prestigious 2015 Forbes Five-Star Award. Read more >>

Chengdu: The heart of heavenly country

With a fascinating history and delicious local cuisine, Sichuan's capital boasts plenty of adventure for those seeking a new big city experience. Read more >>


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