'The Sunset Party' at La Villa Rouge

After last weekend's highly successful daytime rave at La Villa Rouge, this Saturday (that's right tomorrow, so don't get too banged-up tonight) will also include some daytime dancing action at the 'Sunset Party'. Read more >>

Hualuxe Yangjiang City Center to host 'Fifty Shades of Green Wedding Show’

On April 25, get romantic at the ‘Fifty Shades of Green Wedding Show’ at the Hualuxe Yangjiang City Center. Read more >>

Cazar Social Network launch at HuanYing

This Friday and Saturday, HuanYing Lounge will be throwing a bash unseen in Guangzhou in recent months – the Cazar Social Network soft-launch. Read more >>

Throwback Thursday: Hong Kong fisherman nets USD129 million piece of wood

For this week's Throwback Thursday, we take you to Hong Kong where in February 2014 a fisherman netted a very peculiar catch. Read more >>

Meet Jiangnan Xiren, the rappers who use Gaga to go after Sinopec

It wasn’t so long ago that the only way for a singer’s career to take off was though album sales, a couple of big concerts and lots of face time on screens, either big or small. Under the influence of today’s so-called ‘eyeball economy,’ however, the path to renown is through attention-grabbing stunts. Getting famous is a matter of masterminding a way to stand out from the crowd. Read more >>

Photos: A happy evening at the Happy Valley Happy Monk's grand opening

Frothy beers, fine wines, great food and beautiful people – what more could a grand opening possibly need? Read more >>

New bar: Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor Restaurant and Nightclub is the newest in a long line of establishments to operate out of Yihe Hotel’s infamous fifth floor. Read more >>

Sex and lies: Self-deception and our natural need to obfuscate

The right question is actually not, “Do you lie?” The right question is, “How often do you lie?” And unfortunately, because we are all such good self-deceivers, we really do not know the answer to this question, so the best response may be, “Of course, I lie a lot, why do you ask?” Read more >>

Comic Con is coming to Guangzhou

Guangzhou geeks dig out that Pikachu onesie or Sailor Moon costume - Comic Con is coming to Guangzhou. Read more >>

Fitness: What if I fail?

We’ve all heard the saying that “trying and failing is better than not trying at all.” It’s another thing to put these words into action: making an attempt, sometimes failing, but learning from our mistakes and going at it again. Read more >>

English National Ballet prepares to delight with Coppélia

What happens when man falls in love with machine? When an artificial object becomes so realistic that it is nearly impossible to distinguish from the genuine article? Almost two centuries before Masahiro Mori came up with the term ‘uncanny valley,' the author E.T.A. Hoffman was already pondering the issue. Read more >>

Day of French Gastronomy attracts large crowd

On March 28, the consulate general of France in Guangzhou organized a Day of French Gastronomy at the Hi department store. Read more >>

Guangzhou skyscraper sits unfinished after 16 years

In the bustling heart of Guangzhou there stands a concrete and metal tower, the unfinished skeleton of a skyscraper that was never fully realized. Read more >>

New cafe: Tom N Toms Coffee

For anyone who has traveled to Korea, the endless string of coffee shops there was likely a surprise. In recent years, coffee has become the country’s fourth trademark after kimchi, k-pop and roasted meat. Entering Guangzhou earlier this year, Tom N Toms Coffee is Korea’s number-one coffee chain with over 400 branches worldwide. Read more >>

Giving classic Chinese play The Orphan of Zhao a modern makeover

The Orphan of Zhao is one of China’s most famous plays. A dramatic tale full of court intrigue, murder and revenge, it is often referred to as the ‘Chinese Hamlet.’ Read more >>

A tapas Revolucion

Forget the cocktails (not really), Revolucion Cocktail is serving top-notch tapas. Read more >>

Sawadee – Thai Seafood Restaurant

Halal food, or food which follows Islamic doctrine, is widely available in the city, thanks to its diverse population. Often, however, it is confined to Middle Eastern, Uyghur, Malaysian or Indonesian cuisine. Enter Sawadee – Thai Seafood Restaurant, catering to adherents hankering for a spice fix from the Land of Smiles. Read more >>

Inside the Flower Hotel, a huge ode to excess

Walking along the grounds of Nansha’s Flower Hotel is much like stumbling into Alice’s Wonderland under the influence. Life-size cartoons lurk among flawless flowerbeds while piglet pens and a Princess Diana statuary add random intrigue to the multiple-acre nirvana. We asked Xu Yukun, the CEO of this imaginative five-star hotel, to share a few of the motives behind the magic. Read more >>

Myth-busting the Yao: Fact and fiction about Guangdong’s largest ethnic minority

Despite being the largest ethnic minority in Guangdong and boasting a population comparable to Chicago’s, the Yao have historically remained absent from all social, economic and political interactions in the region. We decided to untangle what’s true from what’s false regarding this people and their culture. Read more >>

What's up Guangzhou: April 15-21

A look at what's up this week in Guangzhou. Read more >>


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