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JY International Cultural Communications is a fully-integrated multi-media, events, digital and communications group based in top-tier cities across China. With 22 years of history, we boast a comprehensive portfolio of products that distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Suzhou; city and national websites; mobile and tablet apps; strong social media presence; as well as regular customized products, from guides to client requested publications.


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JY International Cultural Communications Group magazines, That’s and Urban Family, are China’s leading high-quality English-language publications, with over 22 years of history and seven magazines spanning the country.

Distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Suzhou, we boast the highest-circulation of English language publications on the Mainland. Instantly recognizable and trusted, we are proud of our position at the heart of a new, open and international China.

Known for our well researched articles and innovative design, we cover everything from thought-provoking features to culture and the arts, fashion to dining - not to mention exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

In That’s and Urban Family, we strive to produce magazines that people want to take home and read - not just flick through and throw away - meaning a greater, more extended opportunity for our advertisers to connect with our readers. Our high-quality, informative content appeals to Chinese readers as well as the wider English-speaking international community.

We’re more than city life and entertainment magazines; we’re a trusted and expert source of regular China news, reviews and the latest goings-on.

Our Locations

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  • thatsmags.com

    Thatsmags.com is a one-stop, mobile-friendly website, comprising of city sites dedicated to making the most of life in the country’s most vibrant metropolises, and a national news site focusing on reporting, curating and analyzing news from, and affecting China. Our sites are built on open mobile platforms, ensuring that the 70% of our readership consuming content via mobile devices or tablets have the optimal browsing experience.

    Our city sites are the ultimate online lifestyle companions for residents of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou Suzhou and Shenzhen, offering comprehensive listings and the latest in dining, entertainment and nightlife options.

    For a national perspective, we run That’s Online both as a website and iOS app, an up-to-the-minute report on China and its place in the world, including everything from big breaking news to lesser reported stories, and is a favorite among tens of thousands of readers who want to understand what is going on in China.

    We provide an array of digital advertising solutions, with a commitment to establishing the most productive and efficient way to ensure maximum exposure, tailored to the product or service being marketed to your target audience.

    Visit us online at thatsmags.com

  • urban-family.com

    Urban-family.com is a must-have companion for families based in China, whether you are newly arrived expats looking to settle family in, long-time foreign residents wanting your children make the most of the options available or local Chinese interested in enjoying life from every perspective. We’ve got all bases covered: community events, family-friendly restaurants, education options, international school news, addressing health issues and much more.

    With designated sections for top-tier cities, we provide advertisers with access to a clearly defined successful and settled segment of the community. One that has cause to place a premium on quality, and the means to pay for it.

    Visit us online at urban-family.com

  • Social Media

    JY International Cultural Communications Group boasts an unparalleled English-language social media reach in China, drawing tens of thousands of users to our content daily, and ensuring we are continuously in the eyes of our audience.

    We boast more than 160,000 followers on Facebook, 450,000 on WeChat, 50,000 on Twitter, 38,000 on Weibo – and our audience is always growing. All of which is at the disposal of our advertisers, with a range of options available, from the most wide-reaching promotions to those aimed at a specific demographic.

    That's Shanghai

    WeChat: Thats_Shanghai

    That's Beijing

    WeChat: Thats_Beijing

    That's GBA

    WeChat: Thats_GBA

    That's Online

  • Newsletter & EDM

    Every Wednesday we provide our audience with a comprehensive rundown of what’s going on in the week ahead. With more than 250,000 subscribers to our newsletters - 100,000 in Shanghai, 90,000 in Beijing and 60,000 in the Global Bay Area - we have built up a comprehensive database, offering advertisers the option to reach their target market, direct to email inbox.

    We also offer advertisers the option of email direct marketing (EDM) campaigns, allowing exclusive access to our expansive collection of contacts – be it the full list or a specific segment – and sole exposure for your product or service.

    Choose the exact clientele you need to gain maximum targeted exposure.

  • Apps

    JY International Cultural Communications Group offers two interactive iOS apps for iPhone and iPad users: the That’s Online App and the Open Door Guide to Shanghai. With slick interfaces and the ability to swipe navigate between sections and stories, our apps provide easy access to the content our readers have come to know and love, reimagined for the Apple experience.

    The That’s iPhone app provides users easy access to That’s Online content – all right at their fingertips! The app, free of charge, allows readers to navigate through the latest headlines and share stories with their friends through Facebook, WeChat, Twitter and Weibo.

    Lavishly illustrated and seriously informative, JY International Cultural Communications’s Open Door Guide to Shanghai takes its users on a detailed tour of the world’s most dynamic city. Pull up the history, culture, architecture and cuisine of China’s futuristic metropolis right onto your screen.

    Download from the iTunes Store
    That's Online App
    Open Door Guide to Shanghai


We are entering a new era with JY International Cultural Communications, moving from creating magazines, books and websites, to becoming a fully-integrated marketing and events agency, both for our own events and for those of our clients. We have a solid reputation as one of the most widely-respected and comprehensive English media organizations in China. Our goal is: "We grow as a platform, and you grow on that platform." Contact thatsmkt@thatsmags.com for more information.

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Customized Products


Offering our editorial expertise and placed alongside highly-respected content, our high-quality advertorials are a great option for getting your message across.

Branding Events

From film screenings with the British Embassy to bringing Andy Warhol’s photographer over from New York for an exhibition, JY International Cultural Communications Group is a reliable partner when it comes to hosting exciting, imaginative and engaging events.


The newest string to our bow, we now film, edit and deliver branded video for our clients, as well as offering the means to promote it through our websites and social media platforms. See ur video portfolio here.

Location Based Service

Utilizing LBS technology, Equipped with this capacity, businesses can target users based on the shopping mall they frequently visited in the last month, or even find out those who are now physically near their store in order to push advertisements to them. LBS also has started to identify users traveling overseas based on their login location, allowing businesses to target that specific group through advertising. Given how accurate this information is LBS based WeChat advertisements have become some of the most popular forms of advertising on the platform.


The AR (Augmented Reality) function allows users to scan That's print magazines with the mobile app to view rich interactive digital content such as video, audio, images and visualized 3D models.

social marketing

As a digital media company, we are able to create various English and Chinese social media groups according to followers’ interests. These groups are built on our solid and increasing followers base and designed to cater our clients’ promotion needs.

customized interactive post

We develop custom, interactive experience H5 Wechat advertisements.

Contact thatsmkt@thatsmags.com for more information.

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