Australian missionary detained in North Korea (Updated)

Australian missionary detained in North Korea (Updated)

A Hong Kong resident has reportedly been detained while travelling in North Korea

John Short, a 75 year old Australian citizen who lives in Hong Kong, arrived in Pyongyang on Saturday as part of a tour group. Another member of the group said police questioned Short at his hotel Sunday night before taking him away. 

Australian consular officials and Short's family have been informed, but Australia does not have direct diplomatic relations with the DPRK. 

American missionary Kenneth Bae has been imprisoned in North Korea since November 2012 and was recently moved to a labour camp, according to the US state department. 

Update: Speaking to The Advertiser, Short's wife Karen said: "We’re Christians and we’ve been here [in Hong Kong] for 40 years. He’s a frontline man — this is what he does. But North Korea is very different — that’s why his heart was to go there. I'm asking people to pray for him."

Mrs Short said an official from Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs told her the situation was "totally out of the normal [...] and a different and difficult case."

Short was reportedly detained in possession of religious pamphlets printed in Korean, and faces up to 15 years in prison. 

[Image: John Short // Via @tinssoldier]

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