Check out these ingenious James Bond-esque cheating gadgets confiscated during gaokao

Check out these ingenious James Bond-esque cheating gadgets confiscated during gaokao

With the gaokao, came pressure, and with that pressure came the ingenuity of geeky Chinese teenagers wanting to pass the notoriously difficult university entrance exam by any means possible.

Among the makeshift cheating equipment confiscated during last weekend's gaokao were vests with built in radio capabilities, allowing exam entrants to communicate with outside parties who could feed answers back to them.

[A pen fitted with a button-hole camera that sends pictures to someone outside the exam hall by antenna]

[This vest system uses a copper antenna to beam images out of the hall, while a mobile phone show below connected to an earpiece receives the answers]

[Police displaying what appears to be a KGB relic from the Cold War]

In response to the numerous confiscations, an education department spokesman said: "Education and police authorities will continue to investigate crimes including stealing and selling examination papers, leaking information to exam sitters, providing equipment designed for cheating, and cyber attacks on exam websites."

The spokesman went on to warn that students found cheating would be stripped of the enrollment qualification for a period ranging from one to three years, with parents also severely punished if found to be involved.

[The earpiece accompaniment to the hazardous-looking vest device shown above]

[A shutter coin that snaps a photo from the camera already built into the classes. The image is then sent to an outside party, who sends the answers back via radio]

[The vest showcased in all its flinty, marl grey glory]

[Cheap mobile phones are highly favoured as they are easier to dismantle and refit with an antenna and earpiece]

[This watch also features a hidden camera used to send photos to an outside party. The answers are then transmitted back in the same fashion as the vest]

[The Man fights back with wands able to scan students and determine whether they are broadcasting to someone outside the hall]

[Old school: No gadgetry required with this classic ultraviolet pen and black light coupling]

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