Win a trip to see the Great Wall of China... from space!

Win a trip to see the Great Wall of China... from space!

Disgusted by news that Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic have banned Chinese from spaceflights over spying fears, China’s most patriotic billionaire philanthropist Chen Guangbiao,  in conjunction with the China National Space Administration, has vowed to send one lucky couple beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to marvel down at the most famous work of the world’s oldest civilization, with Chen picking up the RMB3 million tab.

And in riposte to racist ol’ Richard Branson, Chen is not limiting the offer to Chinese nationals, but anyone who is a resident of China. Meaning as long as you live in the PRC (on a legal visa) you are eligible for blast off.

Chen’s PR have asked That’s to gather foreign entries, to make sure it is a truly open, international and impartial competition. Simply answer the following question:

True of false: the Great Wall of China is visible from space?

Answers with the title ‘Off Our Rockets’ to

Note: This offer is not open to the pregnant, those with heart conditions or the morbidly obese

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