Weekly Wrap-up: The most read China news stories of January 26-30

Our most read online news stories of the week January 26-30, 2015. Read more >>

Chinese tour groups are already descending on disputed islands to kill endangered species

Tourists share photos of themselves killing sharks and coral. Read more >>

Communist Party mouthpiece Xinhua is following Japanese porn stars on Twitter

China's official news agency has been very naughty... Read more >>

China bans 'western values' from university classes

Embrace Eastern values, like ... Marxism?

London wax museum turns Li Bingbing into a white person

Why, Madame Tussauds, why?

Outrage online after Xiaomi VP accidentally takes India's side in border dispute

Know your regional tensions: India edition.

Newborn dies in Luoyang hospital after being trampled and dragged through hallway

Is China's obsession with C-sections costing lives?

Dalai Lama and Barack Obama to appear together in public for first time

President to meet His Holiness at National Prayer Meeting. Read more >>

Jiangxi parents come up with novel ADHD treatment: caging

12-year-old with learning difficulties kept in cage by parents. Read more >>

Exploitation or enterprise? Professional car-pushers charge RMB100 to help motorists stuck in snow

Profiting from other's misfortune or just making an honest buck? Read more >>

Massive sinkhole in Beijing caused by construction of NPC official's 3-story basement

18m-deep sinkhole that swallowed several buildings caused by huge underground complex. Read more >>

31 years after Family Planning officials took him away, Sichuan man is reunited with parents

'Extra birth' baby finds parents only a kilometer away. Read more >>

Beijing's new subway trains to hold 3,560 passengers at once

And you thought it was crowded now...

Jack Ma probably still China's richest man, but competition is tight

Hold onto your crown, Ma, they're coming for you. Read more >>

Chinese families protest in Beijing, believe MH370 passengers still alive

10 months later, and still no plane...

Taiwan bans children under two from using tablets, mobile phones and other gadgets

NTD47,308 fine in place for letting electronics keep your kids occupied. Read more >>