I went to CES Asia and all I got was hit by a Segway

CES leaves America for the first time - and it might have been too soon. Read more >>

7 maps that make China (somewhat) make sense

Leave it to the cartographers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Do you have what it takes to be a 'Porn Identification Officer' in China?

What's the difference between a bikini-clad women at the beach and one at home? Read more >>

Beijing less than pleased after Indonesia blows up Chinese fishing vessel

MFA says it's 'gravely concerned' by Indonesia's move to crack down on illegal fishing. Read more >>

Hong Kong Free Press renews crowdfunding target for independent new media platform

Not-for-profit multimedia platform aims to shake up the local media landscape. Read more >>

Beijing unveils plan to make 'Made in China' a mark of quality and innovation by 2025

New plan aims to make 'Made in China' a mark of quality and innovation. Read more >>

China Chronicles: River Elegy, the TV show that almost changed China

A documentary series aired in 1988 that would never be aired today - but its impact is still felt... Read more >>

Zhangjiajie to unveil the world's longest glass bridge this July

Bridge will be 'secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water.' Read more >>

China Chronicles: Aleister Crowley - Sex, drugs and demons in Shanghai

In 1906, the occultist, mystic, magician and self-proclaimed Beast 666 came to Shanghai to summon his Holy Guardian Angel... Read more >>

US spy plane warned to 'go away' after approaching militarized South China Sea islands

US makes bold gesture to show it does not recognize Chinese territorial claims. Read more >>

China's (former) richest man loses USD15 billion in one hour

Li Hejun's Hanergy shares plunge in HKSE.

WATCH: Interview with Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor at Shanghai Comic Con

We went to the first edition of Shanghai Comic Con and not only did we survive, we managed to snag an exclusive interview with Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor. Read more >>

Thousands of couples wed on 520, China's 'I Love You' Day

Because 3 Valentine's Days weren't enough.

Gansu Provincial Museum: please stop praying and throwing cash at the exhibits

Exhibit on Buddhist cave carvings become holy site in its own right. Read more >>


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