20 days from now, all you'll need is 7 hours to get from Shanghai to Guangzhou by rail

New high-speed trains to run from Shanghai to Guilin and Guangzhou. Read more >>

5,700 elderly Hong Kongers died while waiting for spots in retirement homes last year

Space in retirement homes - like space everywhere in Hong Kong - is limited and pricey. Read more >>

Chinese sex toy app hits sweet spot with investors

There's an app for *that.*

Congratulations, It's a Match

The Man Bringing Tinder to China

50,000 bottles of fake booze seized in Hunan

Fake baijiu was sold in restaurants and stores in Beijing and Guangdong. Read more >>

China to end 2,000-year-old salt monopoly

After two millennia of controlling the production and sale of salt, China is set to deregulate the market... Read more >>

This corrupt official hid a ton of cash in his home. Literally. They weighed it.

Former CMC vice chairman Xu Caihou had a Forbidden CIty of antiques, jade, calligraphy and paintings in his basement. Read more >>

WATCH: Yao Ming stars in a bad ass anti-ivory documentary

Spoiler alert: Don't buy any ivory.

Thailand follows China’s lead, pulls new Hunger Games movie from cinemas

Hollywood blockbuster becomes sign of resistence to military coup. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Cute students from across the nation compete for 'China Miss Campus' title

Yes, “China Miss Campus”... that's a thing.

Here are your 2015 public holidays, China

Your days off for the upcoming year...

Chongqing installs fu’erdai-only parking spots

A restaurant in Chongqing installs parking spots just for rich kids... Read more >>

WATCH: Middle-aged Chinese people react to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video

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WATCH: Scumbag Chengguan takes food, cigs from hawker, boasts 'I bully the common people!'

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WATCH: Wealthy Chinese students in the USA are living the good life

China's uber-wealthy flaunt their stuff in California.

From pansy to PLAyer: These before/after Chinese army photos are amazing

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12 kindergartners killed in Shandong traffic accident

12 children crammed into van die after collision with sand truck. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Changchun covers up dead plants with green bush wallpaper

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'Post-90s Model Club' exposed and 224 held in Shanghai’s latest prostitution, gambling raids

Pudong 'Post-90s' sex ring and underground casino shut down. Read more >>