Weekly Wrap-up: The most read China news stories of November 24-28

Our most read online news stories of the week November 24-28, 2014. Read more >>

China tests unproved malaria drug on the entire population of an African island nation

Because consenting to a medical study is *so* 20th century... Read more >>

PHOTOS: Quanzhou sinkhole swallows car whole

Sinkholes are back!

PHOTOS: Chengdu laowai creates backpack air-purifier to survive morning commute

Sichuan expat's novel solution to smoggy commute...

From 1 mao to 9 kuai: How Beijing Subway fares have gone up (and down) since 1969

The 'Two Kuai Era' ends next month, but how did it start anyway? Read more >>

China bans internet slang terms from TV, ads

Godspeed you, “no zuo no die” and “ren jian bu chai.” Read more >>

State Council wants to promote football in schools… by forcing every child to play

Football to become mandatory in all Chinese schools? Read more >>

WATCH: Laziest bank robber ever foiled by thick glass

Thick glass: The bane of a lazy robber's existence. Read more >>

Shanghai diner demands RMB100,000 after finding dead rat in meal

Diners throughout restaurant vomit on spot after seeing dead rodent. Read more >>

Hebei couple buys 30 Rolls-Royces (and more) for classiest wedding ever

Welcome to 'Tangshan's most amazing luxury wedding.'

Giant panda dies in Sichuan - is a savage marten onslaught to blame?

Giant panda Ping Ping dies after days of medical attention and surgery. Read more >>

Beijing stores bans all Chinese customers for being 'too annoying'

The downside of running a shop in China, apparently, is dealing with Chinese people. Read more >>

Desperate father 'smokes' sick daughter over burning herbs to save her life

Farmer unable to afford bone marrow transplant treats sick daughter with herb smoke. Read more >>

Chopsticks Brothers admit to lip-syncing at AMAs but deny ‘buying’ award

And we found out who that Chinese guy sitting on Harry Styles’ lap was! (in case you are wondering) Read more >>

Putin's tiger wanted in series of grisly goat murders

First they cross the border without so much as a passport. Now this... Read more >>

China considers making driving school optional

Authorities hope to strike out at endemic corruption in driving schools. Read more >>

China Chronicles: End of the eunuch era

Finally banned in 1924, the system had endured for over 3,000 years and through 25 dynasties. Read more >>