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PHOTOS: The underground mines of Hunan Province

Freelance photographer Kuang Huimin documents the lives and hardship of 'this special group' working them. Read more >>

Stolen $300,000 diamond cut from Chinese woman's stomach

Laxitives weren't doing the trick...

WATCH: When David Letterman called Donald Trump out on his China hypocrisy

In which Trump does ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ with his eyebrows... Read more >>

History of the 'Hai: Queen Elizabeth II first British monarch to visit China

Joined by gaffe-prone 'Great Wally of China' Prince Philip... Read more >>

This Day In History: Mao coins Communist slogan Serve the People

'Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather...' Read more >>

This Day In History: Small Sword Society take Shanghai

Never underestimate an emaciated, opium smoking Cantonese ex-sugar broker... Read more >>

Ivory bust at Hong Kong International Airport

The inbound air parcel was detected on September 2 and totaled 24 kilograms of suspected ivory pieces. Read more >>

Didi Kuadi driver facing RMB100,000 fine in Guangzhou

Cui Gaohui is facing a massive fine from authorities in Guangzhou, possibly the largest fine ever issued to a private driver in China. Read more >>

Google seeks to return to China with censored app store

Android users in China could get government-sanctioned version of Google Play by year’s end. Read more >>

This Day In History: Death of the Dogmeat General

The day warlord Zhang Zongchang found out that it's a dog eat dog world. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Guangzhou's Chinese Obama

Xiao Jiguo, a 29-year-old Guangzhouer, has gained considerable attention as an Obama look-alike, even starring in his own web miniseries where he takes girls on dates - as Obama. Read more >>

Shanghai China’s least faithful city? Ashley Madison leak reveals all...

While it appears that Shanghai has been caught with its pants down, it's not what it looks like! Read more >>

TMall designs ridiculously hard quiz for foreigners in China

'I shop therefore I learn,' at least in China you do. Read more >>

Hong Kong man legally changes name to 'Man United Dick Law'

Dick Law, or should we say ‘Man United Dick Law’, gained international attention this week when a photo of his ID application popped up on Facebook with the words Man United added to his forename. Read more >>

PLA dispatches monkeys, dogs and falcons to prevent bird strikes from ruining military parade

Because taking out birds with jet engines would not be very 'anti-fascist.' Read more >>

3-D printing technology helps 6-year-old boy stand again in Shenzhen

A 6-year-old boy, tormented by brittle bone disease, is able to stand again after an operation assisted by 3-D printing. Read more >>

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