‘Gentleman thief' who pick-pocketed old man's cancer treatment money caught in Yiwu

Taizhou pick-pocket who nicked 78-year-old's 'life-saving money' apprehended by police in Yiwu. Read more >>

Weekly Wrap-up: The most read China news stories of December 15-19

Our most read online news stories of the week December 15-19, 2014. Read more >>

Chinese passenger detained after refusing to leave first class, injuring stewardess

Fourth incident involving mainland Chinese passengers this week. Read more >>

WATCH: Heroic Taiwanese tortoise saves its flipped-over friend

Sometimes, good things DO happen.

In Sichuan brothel, police find room catering to corrupt official fantasies

The most representative sexual fantasy of 21st-century China. Read more >>

Hot on Taobao: Doge headgear

So warm. Much Comfy. Wow.

Jack Ma considered working on Ghostbusters, Spider-Man movies

Who you gonna call? Jack Ma ... sters! Read more >>

PHOTOS: Santapocalypse as 19 Clauses cram into car in Changsha

Because sleighs are for suckers.

Survey: Xi Jinping ‘rated highest’ among world leaders

Important facts and findings on how world leaders are perceived left out by state media reports… Read more >>

China to Russia: Don't worry about entire economy falling apart

It's a really rambunctious Russian ruble rumble.

PHOTOS: 'Defend the Diaoyus' store opens in Hebei

Show your patriotism with flasks, towels, beer and T-shirts. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Guy tries using drone to woo girl, fails miserably

Drones are not the solution to all of life's woes. Read more >>

Fear of violence from students prompts Yunnan teachers to go on strike

Females teachers beaten up by middle school students in Ludian County. Read more >>

Tourists take tasteless photos at Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, national outrage ensues

Tasteless photos taken at the Memorial Hall for Nanjing massacre victims met with criticism online. Read more >>

Blaze at Beijing’s Joy City mall sparks speculation over ‘bad Fengshui’

Is geomancy to blame for stabbings, fires, and other deadly incidents at mall? Read more >>

Sony cancels 'Interview' release out of fear, stupidity

It's a dark day for stupid, empty comedy films. Read more >>