Facebook not banned in China, says state regulator

The difference between 'not banned' and 'accessible' seems to be as wide as the GFW. Read more >>

Lung cancer, fueled by smog, now China's biggest cause of death

Please hold your breath while you read this. Read more >>

Chinese icebreaker Xue Long sets sail for 31st Antarctic voyage

'Snow Dragon' tasked with selecting site for new Chinese airfield in South Pole. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Panjin 'Red Beach' back in bloom

In early autumn every year, this beach in Panjin, Liaoning Province turns a deep vermilion. Read more >>

Watch: Zombie prank is particularly terrifying when everyone thinks he has ebola

Nothing says 'Halloween Fun' like terrifying the life out of some subway goers! Read more >>

Toronto school district cuts ties with Confucius Institute

Canada’s largest school district has officially severs links with the state-controlled institute. Read more >>

Today in excellent parking: Shenyang edition

Photos of a car-Tetris expert at work.

WATCH: Monkey Kingz Chinese zombie prank

Monkey Kingz let loose a horde of jiangshi on the good people of Shanghai. Read more >>

Chinese SAT scores delayed due to 'widespread' cheating

It's a much bigger scandal than improperly-bubbled-in answer sheets. Read more >>

Shenyang carpenter builds wooden electric car from scratch with no training

Shenyang carpenter builds wooden battery-powered minicar.

Peking University releases national Loser Index, revealing lamest cities and provinces in China

China's foremost institute of higher education has just released their first Diaosi Index for 2014. Read more >>

China’s 100 most generous people revealed

Hurun Philanthropy List reveals country's most benevolent billionaires. Read more >>

14-year-old girl and boyfriend stab Kunming cabbie 50 times in botched robbery attempt

A 14-year-old girl and her 25-year-old boyfriend were arrested for the murder of an unlicensed taxi driver in Kunming. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Hunan villagers drink liquid sheep dung to stay healthy

Jinshi residents are drinking water mixed with cow and sheep dung to treat all manner of ailments. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Imperial capital Luoyang faces destruction of ancient city center

Old Town of one of the Four Ancient Capitals of China soon to be destroyed. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Former drug dealer marries girlfriend in Sichuan prison

Drug dealer marries his girlfriend in prison.

No, a student did not burn down his school after setting off fireworks to propose to classmate

Contrary to international press coverage, it was not a proposal and the school was not burnt down. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Face masks are so hot right now at China Fashion Week

First the facekini and now this...

PHOTOS: China's Chang'e 5-T1 spacecraft takes spectacular lunar photos

Stunning images from latest lunar exploration.

No, a teenage Chinese girl is not selling her body to travel the country via 'temporary boyfriends'

Viral story turns out to be complete fabrication invented to promote app. Read more >>