China Chronicles: How the West changed Chinese

Chinese may be the oldest language still in use, but immune to change it is not. Read more >>

Weekly Wrap-up: The most read China news stories of April 20-24

Our most read online news stories of the week April 20-24, 2015. Read more >>

WATCH: E-bike 'Titanic' reenactment ends terribly for Guizhou couple

They must have fallen asleep before the ending... Read more >>

Detective Conan is the latest target of state media crusade against Japanese pop culture

Cartoon series is a 'brazen textbok for criminals.' Read more >>

Mother of Wanting Qu, popstar girlfriend of Vancouver mayor, arrested for corruption

Pop star behind 'You Exist in My Song' outed as guanerdai. Read more >>

Guangdong school dopes students to boost sports exam results

Middle school gives performance-enhancing drugs to students.

Portly Shenzhen woman stopped at HK border, forced to take pregnancy test (it was negative)

Respect and Serve and occasionally force to pee on a stick. Read more >>

Meth addict mayor Gong Weiguo, China's answer to Rob Ford, admits to drug use

Urine test confirms rumors about sacked mayor.

Yunnan aunties and uncles turn traffic jam into impromptu dance-off

A traffic accident is just a square dance waiting to happen. Read more >>

Jiangsu legend hauls minivan on back of tricycle

Taking overloading to the next level.

Sex in Shanghai no longer 'toxic' thanks to seizure of millions of fake condoms

Shanghai police bust counterfeit condom cabal.


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