WATCH: Take a trip 40 years back in time to Shanghai, 1973

Two-part documentary gives us a window into a very different Shanghai, and a very different China... Read more >>

2 dead, 5 injured after gruesome brawl in Shanghai bar

Man killed with guandao crescent blade, another victim's hand severed off. Read more >>

Butterfly bloodbath after Chengdu promo ends with families trampling tropical insects

Furniture store's promotional event ends with expense of dead butterflies. Read more >>

Russia just unveiled plans for a super highway connecting Europe, Asia and North America

If it goes through, you could drive from China to New York. Read more >>

Jiangsu woman pays hefty fine after her 2 dogs kill 900 chickens on neighbor's farm

This pernicious poultry pogrom cost its owner a pretty penny. Read more >>

'Naturally sweet smelling women' sought for totally normal job on Guangdong farm

If you just had to sniff your pits to check, then this job isn't for you. Read more >>

Islamic State works to recruit Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong

The Islamic State is hitting the streets of Hong Kong in an effort to recruit new jihadis. Read more >>

In Shanxi, unimpressed lingerie mannequins assess your manhood as you relieve yourself

Some say 'sexy,' we say 'terrifying.' Tomato, tomahto. Read more >>

Four (sexy) strikes and you're out: WeChat lays down the law on kinky content

Be careful with those stickers, guys.

This won't go over well: Japan shows off its biggest warship since WWII

791 feet of pure international incident.

Caixin takes on industry giants to fight back against endemic plagiarism in Chinese media

Caixin Media Group sues Sina, Sohu, iFeng and Hexun over stolen content. Read more >>

Xiaomi may unveil smartwatch next Tuesday

Ready your wrists...

Chinese films sweep up at Asian Film Awards in Macau

Blind Massage, The Golden Age and Gone With the Bullets dominate awards cermony. Read more >>

Decline and Fall of the Ramen Empire: China loses its taste for instant noodles

Instant noodle firms find themselves in hot water... Read more >>

China 'heating up twice as fast as rest of the world,' says country's top meteorologist

CMA head warns of dire risks posed by climate change. Read more >>


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