Weekly Wrap-up: The most read China news stories of 25-29 August

Our most read news stories of the week 25-29 August 2014 Read more >>

52 school busses worth RMB20m now used as public toilets in Anhui

Shunned shuttle service leaves busses parked on empty land Read more >>

PHOTOS: 14-year-old duck thieves in Guangxi forced to publicly kneel with dead ducks in their mouths

Two 14-year-old boys caught trying to steal ducks were forced by villagers to kneel by the roadside adorned with dead ducks Read more >>

PHOTOS: Husband and wife keep watch over isolated island for 28 years

In the past few days, the story of a couple who have been watching after an isolated island for 28 years has been going viral online. Read more >>

Hospital staff in Yunnan go on strike to protest increasing violence against doctors

Over 100 medical personnel at the Yulong county hospital near Lijiang, Yunnan went on strike to protest against the increasingly frequency of so-called "hospital disturbances." Read more >>

PHOTOS: SWAT teams deployed to quell turf wars over exercise space in Shanghai park

Lu Xun Park has been the scene of violent stand-offs recently as Shanghai seniors battle over turf for their group exercises Read more >>

PHOTOS: Memorial tablet for Chinese WWII soldiers arrives in Taipei from Myanmar

Yesterday in Taipei, a delegation bearing a memorial tablet dedicated to the Chinese Expeditionary Force (Burma) returned from northern Myanmar Read more >>

WATCH: Monkey Kingz prank Chinese celebrities on national TV

Little did the guys know that the show had a prank in store for them, too... Read more >>

China plans supersonic submarine that could travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes

China claimed this week that it has found a new way to create a supersonic underwater vessel that could go from Shanghai to San Francisco in less than two hours Read more >>

WATCH: Breathtaking timelapse footage of natural Hong Kong

Need a break from cityscapes and selfies from the tops of skyscapers? Check out Hong Kong's original skyscrapers instead... Read more >>

PHOTOS: Shafted investors uses sex dolls to create most hilarious and creepy protest ever

Cheated shareholders in Wenzhou have concocted a very novel way to press their rights as a shareholders in a new apartment block Read more >>

China insists gargantuan marijuana grow-up spotted by satellite is legal hemp farm

Gaofen 1 satellite sees a sea of gange across north-east China Read more >>

PHOTOS: Shandong students lay claim to desks using chains and bricks

Bike locks and bricks are being used to claim study spaces at desk-poor Jinan University Read more >>

Hong Kong stores defy ban to sell contraband human placenta biscuits

Yes, that's placenta and biscuit in the same sentence. Read more >>

Experts fear 'Lord of the Flies' scenario on Shanghai's Chongming Island

Sex and violence, Sex and violence, Sex and violence... Read more >>

Sichuan fortuneteller killed for being too accurate

A street side fortuneteller in Sichuan province was stabbed to death in broad daylight as he plied his trade this Monday morning Read more >>

PHOTOS: Obnoxious tourist at Shanghai Zoo gets her handbag stolen by Bengal tiger

We hope that the tiger enjoys its booty, and that the woman has learned a thing or two about hassling animals Read more >>

Hong Kong to mark V-J Day and Nanking Massacre instead of liberation of Hong Kong

SAR government continues to press increasingly nationalistic narratives on the former colony Read more >>

PHOTOS: Three Gorges reservoir choked with garbage

Litter along the reservoir has been an issue since its construction in 2006, and the latest photos reveal that the problem is only increasing Read more >>

We're Hiring! Sales Manager, Digital Sales Manager sought

Want to work for Shanghai's number one English-language media company? Read more >>