Shanghai man 'coughs blood' and dies after 19-hour gaming marathon in internet cafe

24-year-old dies after 19 hours of non-stop gaming. Read more >>

Beijing delegates scolded for playing on phones too much during National People's Congress

No phones at dinner, and/or when legislating for the biggest country on earth. Read more >>

Federal agents raid 'maternity hotels' amid US crackdown on Chinese anchor babies

Homeland Security Investigators bust birth tourism operators in California. Read more >>

There is nothing cooler than Taiwan's Batman motel

Holy motel room, Batman!

WATCH: Probably the best timelapse video of Hong Kong you'll ever see

High-octane, tilt-shifting spectacular takes you all around Hong Kong. Read more >>

Macau casino revenues plunged almost 50% last month - their biggest drop ever

Gaming industry reports biggest losses ever as anti-corruption crackdown drives VIPs away. Read more >>

China to get its own version of ‘Saturday Night Live’ through Sohu partnership

Live (if the censors are OK with it) from Beijing, it’s Saturday Night! Read more >>

Taobao vs. Reality, take 2: the 'most revealing dress ever'

Objects on Taobao may appear sexier than they actually are. Read more >>

North Korea re-opens borders (slightly) following Ebola scare

The DPRK welcomes you! Sort of!

68 provinces, 68 languages? What China might've looked like if the KMT had retaken the mainland

The KMT's 1951 proposal to carve the country in 68 unique administrative divisions. Read more >>

5 Things: Essential tips for start-ups in China

How to take that clever idea and turn it into a successful business. Read more >>

Shenzhen college students nabbed for smuggling pellet guns from Hong Kong

Shenzhen police recently busted an illegal weapons smuggling ring which had smuggled air guns and pellets from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and sold them online. Read more >>

Dragonair flight delayed after mainland passengers fill sink with diarrhea

Ebola! Or just really, really gross.

In Changzhou, world's largest spokeless Ferris wheel sits idle years after completion

Changzhou's claim to fame has becom a spokeless white elephant. Read more >>

Hong Kong considers limit on mainland visitors

At the end of February Hong Kong’s leader, Leung Chun-ying, stated that his government is looking to put restrictions on the number of Chinese tourists to the city. Read more >>


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