PHOTOS: 9 rare waterspouts appear on Qinghai Lake

Watery tornadoes spotted on China's largest lake.

PHOTOS: Heroic Dongguan woman destroys card-eating ATM

Rage against the machine, debit card edition.

PHOTOS: Beijing artist wears wedding gown made of 999 gas masks

It's a nice day for a gray wedding. Read more >>

Chongqing marriage counselors offer 'mistress-repelling' services

Sun Tzu-like 'Wedging Stratagem' and 'Beautiful Man Stratagem' employed to shake off persistent mistresses. Read more >>

WATCH: WWF shows us what a masturbating panda looks like [NSFW - if you're a panda]

Every time a panda masturbates, God makes a kitten feel really uncomfortable. Read more >>

Henan restaurant owner fined for using salt from another city (which is apparently illegal)

A restaurant owner in Xinzheng was fined RMB 200 last week for using the salt he bought in Zhengzhou. Read more >>

PHOTOS: France's 12m-high fire-breathing dragon robot immortalized in Chinaball cartoon form

That's Online article honored by Chinaball and Franceball. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Dalian unveils RMB5bn Venice replica

Dalian is apparently the new Venice of the Orient. Suck it, Suzhou. Read more >>

Nanjing startup successfully crowdfunds invisible 'Air Umbrella'

Postgrad students raise over $85,000 for new invention. Read more >>

At least 22 killed in farmers’ market attack in Xinjiang

An attack on a farmers' market in Xinjiang has left at least 22 people dead, including both assailants and police officers. Read more >>

No, there is no Ebola in China (yet)

Rumor mill goes full-swing after Nigerian man is hospitalized in Zhejiang with Ebola-like symptoms. Read more >>

Sven-Göran Eriksson to coach Shanghai East Asia next season?

Swede to take over as part of a major drive to push the club to the top of the league. Read more >>

9-year-old gets arm bitten off by bear in Henan park

A nine-year-old boy had his forearm bitten off by a caged bear at a park in Pingdingshan, Henan on Saturday afternoon. Read more >>

PHOTOS: Beggars sever camel's legs to get more money on streets throughout south China

Netizens have uploaded troubling images of the act from cities across the country's south. Read more >>

"Like Running on Mars" - Runners share their Beijing Marathon Stories

The Beijing Marathon went ahead despite hazardous levels of pollution; we talk to the runners to find out just how bad it was and collect the best photos from the event. Read more >>

Weekly Wrap-up: The most read China news stories of 13-17 October

Our most read online news stories of the week 13-17 October 2014. Read more >>

WATCH: Sichuan Party Secretary butchers erhu solo at New Year's orchestral performance

Local CCP official's performance will make your ears cry. Read more >>

Hero of the Day: This man sewing huge pockets in the pants of iPhone 6 owners

Get ready to strip down and make your pants iPhone 6 ready. Read more >>

Beijing braced for another super-smog fest

Pollution season has well and truly started in Beijing with the city set for another very hazy weekend. Read more >>