Where to celebrate the Fourth of July in Beijing

It’s America’s big day... and we’re in China Read more >>

Beijing weekly party planner (July 2 - 8)

An eclectic selection of parties to choose from as we look at what's happening over the next week in clubland Read more >>

Interview: Maybe Mars proteges Hiperson

We speak to Chengdu quintet ahead of Saturday show at XP Read more >>

Urban dictionary: Maimeng

If cuteness is worth something, sell it

Interview: The evolution of AM444

Shanghai duo discuss their latest EP ahead of Friday show at DDC Read more >>

What would Confucius do? All about that debt

Modern dilemmas, age-old wisdom: I am 25 and over 80,000 yuan in debt Read more >>

Interview: Beijing’s sushi savior talks life, eels and lunchtime deals

When Harada Shoici first visited Beijing in 2003, something was missing. That thing was authentic Japanese-style sushi Read more >>

New restaurant: Green Shade

Tranquil Yunnanese in Gulou. No, not that one, a new one Read more >>

Ask a laobeijing: Are you worried about the use of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in farming?

Li, 61, considers the pros and cons of modern technology as she walks her dog, Prince Read more >>

New restaurant: DAFA

Upscale drunk food, if that's a thing

Going Underground: Psych Rock

Our new monthly column exploring the Chinese rock scene, in association with Wooozy Read more >>

New restaurant: J Da Xia

How far would you go for Jay Chou? Read more >>

Canvassed: Lin Jingjing, 'Tomorrow was Wonderful'

Artist examines the 'China Dream' in exhibition opening Saturday Read more >>

(Not so) New bar: Soi Baochao

Perhaps this is what Khaosan Road looked like before the idiots arrived. Read more >>

The MSG Myth: Is your Chinese food killing you?

MSG hysteria has worked its way east. But what is this thing we’re scared of, and why are we so scared of it? Read more >>

Tales of the City: Beijing's sex doll industry

With fewer women in the dating pool to choose from, some men are making their own. Read more >>

Nibbles: A hand-picked selection of goings-on in Beijing’s food and drink scene, June 10

Every week we serve up a run-down of the best dining deals, food & drink events, and restaurant/bar openings and closings. Read more >>

Bartisans: Xiao Biar, owner and co-founder of NBeer Pub

We talk to Beijing's original hutong barman

Five Things: Sam Silverman from Beijing Tech Hive

Free craft beer for Beijing Entrepreneurs at Jing-A this Saturday Read more >>

Interview: Eleanor Carney, Lightwire Theater

Electro-luminescent puppet theater takes to the Beijing stage this weekend Read more >>


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