The Drop: April

Given that I started writing this column a year ago this month, I think it’s time to drop a little year-end report. So, before the usual rundown on the month’s best music, here’s my take on the good, the bad and the baffling in Beijing electronica right now. Read more >>

Cabbage Farmers and Man-Made Snow

Behind the Scenes in the Davos of the East Read more >>

What Would Confucius Do: Yummy Mummy-in-law

In our new advice column, we ask Dr. Chang Yaohua, a professor of Traditional Chinese Culture at Beijing International Studies, to give insight on what would Confucius do with these modern issues. This time, the dreaded attraction to the mother-in-law. Read more >>

We Can Rebuild You: Stem Cell Tourism Comes to China

In search of the miracle cure: stem cell tourism comes to China Read more >>

New restaurant: Katchup

New burger in the hutongs, or should that be 'American double bread with meat bar' Read more >>

New bars: Mr Shi’s Spot

Or how an enterprising local dumpling chef is chasing the Chinese Dream Read more >>

New Bars: Mado Bar

Not dope, to be blunt

New Restaurant: Hercules

A strong look: new sandwich shop and café in Xingfucun area Read more >>

Improv Comedy festival this weekend, our picks here

The program will see improv groups from all over China converge for six days of events, performances and workshops. Here's our pick from this year's festival. Read more >>

New Bars: Lush House

Home is where the art is

New Restaurant: Palms L.A. Kitchen and Bar

Tex-Mex for the Seoul

AV Okubo: Building a dance-punk dynasty

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are explored in AV Okubo’s eagerly anticipated sophomore album, 'Dynasty'. Catch the band live, at the album release party on April 19 at Yugong Yishan. Read more >>

New Restaurant: La Pizza Buffet

The Original Spaghetti Western

8 Qi Nian

A Whole New World

TenTemPies bring reggae inflected Latin rock to Beijing

Straight outta Amsterdam comes this international collective of musicians. The TenTemPies have been winning raves for their blend of Latin rock with reggae and ska elements. The seven-piece group will be playing shows all week in Beijing. Read more >>

The best of Sound of the Xity Festival, Apr 3-6

Our pick of the some of the biggest and best names, homegrown and foreign, coming to this month's festival Read more >>

Sound of the Xity: technology is the new rock and roll

The Beijing festival that’s rewiring the music industry Read more >>

Interview: Hanggai

Since 2004, Hanggai has blazed a trail for Mongolian rock. They're back in Shanghai to launch their new album and we chat with group founder Yiliqi about 'Back to You' and the current crop of new Mongolian rockers. Read more >>

The exhaustive guide to the Capital M Literary Festival Beijing

Now in its fourth year, the Capital M Literary Festival returns to Beijing with a diverse and distinguished range of writers, historians, theorists and thinkers. Here’s our guide to the best of the week-long series. Read more >>

Litfest interview: Timothy Garton Ash

Writer and Oxford University historian Timothy Garton Ash describes his work as “studying the history of the present,” which is a polite academic way of saying that he’s captivated by change, addicted even. Read more >>

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