I hung out with the mysterious Hong Kong hammock man

I hung out with the mysterious Hong Kong hammock man

While stumbling around the hills of Central Hong Kong on Wednesday night, I came across the quasi-familiar sight of a guy lying in a blue hammock strung across an outdoor escalator.

It suddenly clicked and I realised exactly where I’d seen him before. On an Island Line train on Monday night, a man erected a hammock between two poles and lay in it for several stops. A few passengers became pissed off and alerted MTR staff, who put a stop to the antics at North Point station at around 11.30pm.

Photos of the incident went viral online, and after being picked up by SCMP, the story of the Hong Kong MTR hammock hero has been popping up all over the place this week.

[Hong Kong hammock guy's controversial MTR debut. Via SCMP]

When I approached the hammock guy and his friend, they were both more than happy to chat, and frankly a little surprised that they’d been recognised. They’re both in their early twenties and asked to be identified as Romanians for this article, though I'm not sure why - they definitely weren't Romanian. Other than that, hammock guy and his accomplice wanted to keep their identities a mystery and their motives unclear.

Though the MTR affair appeared to be a one-off - seemingly just an exhausted man going the extra mile to get a few winks during his commute - hammock guy revealed a much bigger objective to take his vocation to more extreme places in the city, including Hong Kong's rooftops.

The pair then told me they were going to a few other spots nearby to erect the hammock and asked if I wanted to join. Obviously I did.

[Hammock guy puts his life - or at least his general health - in the hands of a gate outside a residential complex in Soho]

After visiting several hammock-friendly places, including some bamboo scaffolding, we made a late-night trip to McDonald's before hammock guy and his friend wandered off into the night.

[Photos by Joe McGee]

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