North Korea Travel app makes visiting the world's most off-limits country a breeze

North Korea Travel app makes visiting the world's most off-limits country a breeze

Tell most people you're traveling to North Korea – one of the world's most secretive nations, still technically at war with South Korea and with a history of human right's abuses to its name – and you'll probably hear one thing: 'why?'

But the reality is that many thousands of people travel to the country each year and for more adventurous travellers it represents a glimpse into one of the last remaining Stalinist states, stuck in a kitsch time-warp that most other ex-communist nations ditched in the 20th century.

The North Korea Travel app aims to provide those interested in traveling to the country with comprehensive advice and practical information about trips there, as well as expert perspectives on North Korean daily life, history and culture.

The Kim Jong-un regime is actively promoting tourism inside their borders, with the opening of a ski resort, a marathon open to foreign runners and one-day cycling trips available over the Chinese border. Many rightfully question the ethics of traveling to a country with such a horrific track record of human rights abuses. However, the many tourist agencies we've spoken to argue that isolation would be even more damaging. Hopefully the influence – however small – tourism has on locals can be a force for good.

This app explains exactly where you can and can't go when you're there and provides info on over 350 tourist sites – which might offer a slightly more balanced and informed view than your local tour guide is willing to offer.

The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play from Wednesday, May 7. Check out some photos here and visit North Korea Travel App for more info.

[Images via NK Travel, top image via Flickr]

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